The media: Putin engineers constitutional reform and picks low-profile tax chief as PM

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Media: major constitutional change proposed by Putin starts power transfer

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bombshell speech obout constitutional changes during his annual State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly and the government’s resignation. The key idea of the proposed amendments is to improve Russia’s state system through the separation of powers between the branches. Russia’s lower house, the State Duma, will mostly benefit from the changes. Putin suggested that Russian lawmakers should approve the prime minister as well as all deputy prime ministers and «civil» ministers proposed by the premier, while the president will have to appoint them. However, Russia will remain a strong presidential republic since the head of state will continue to have his right to outline the tasks and priorities of the government, sack the premier and ministers and will also directly control the security agencies. In addition, the president will be able to serve no more than two terms, and the word «consecutive» will be removed from the clause in the Constitution.

Power shift has been starting in Russia

No doubt, a power shift has kicked off in Russia, but the particular changes and their consequences will become clear as soon as the text of the constitutional President Vladimir Putin amendments is written down.

Dmitry Badovsky, the head of a non-profit foundation, the Institute for Social, Economic and Political Studies said to russian News Paper.

Kazakh scenario

Political experts names this process kind of power transfer can be done as a Kazakh way, with the separation of functions between top brenches, the State Council and the Constitutional Court.

Ruling party and other alternatives

Experts also saysthat the upcoming changes may be linked to the 2024 presidential elections. According to source close to Kremling Putin is not likely to take part. It is said that by 2024 Putin is expected to be the leader of the ruling party. That means control over the government and the next president will have to take this into account. The source did not rule out that Putin could move to the State Council or the Security Council.

Everything depends on how the powers that the president has mentioned will be changed.

Putin nominated tax chief as new prime minister

Unexpected Russian government resignation was a big surprize in media. Russian President Vladimir Putin assigns the little-known head of the Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin as the country’s prime minister. The rest of the cabinet will be changed after Putin meets with the acting ministers. Sources in the United Russia Party said that despite his resignation, Dmitry Medvedev could save the post of party leader.

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